Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Full Moon

Full Moon
By: Rachel Hawthorne
ISBN: 0061709565 (9780061709562)
Series: Dark Guardian
  1. Moonlight
  2. Full Moon
  3. Dark Of The Moon
  4. Shadow Of The Moon
Summary from the back of the book:
I may be promised to another...
but thoughts of Rafe consume me.
I don't know how much longer I can resist.

LINDSEY is wild and reckless, a natural rebel—maybe because her entire life was laid out for her even before she was born. Her parents are among the most powerful members of the Dark Guardians, an ancient tribe of werewolves, and they arranged Lindsey's betrothal to Connor long ago. The next full moon is coming all too soon, and then her commitment to Connor will be final—no turning back. She should be happy...so why can't she stop thinking about gorgeous, brooding Rafe?

When a dangerous threat on the pack escalates, so do tensions between Connor and Rafe. A fight over Lindsey is imminent, but will it be to the death?

Rachel Hawthorne continues the same characters into this story but from a different point of view (that of Lindsey) which is great. We begin to see more about each separate character because there is nothing to hide in this story. There was really only one central conflict in this story and that was Lindsey's internal one over her mate. The major conflict that we saw in the first book with the scientists of Bio-Chrome sadly was barely a scuffle in this book. However, Rachel Hawthorne did do the love conflict really well except I found it a little anti-climatic, silly, and stupid once you get to the end (you will see what I mean if you read this book). It kind of turns into a shouldn't-you-have-realized-that-before-all-this-crap-happened moment.

As a continuation of the series this is a vast improvement!  You see much more of the whole pack and their lives. You see interactions that were so needed in the previous book but still the girl-time thing still didn't really come together well. Also there are a couple of curious questions about this betrothal thing because in the first story (Caution: Do Not Continue if you haven't read the previous book Kayla and Lucas are now together as if they are married (mated) but in this book they do not share the same room which I personally think is off. Due to this book being a bit more rounded it was an easy three. Be prepared though, if you expect real action and not love story this book is not for you.

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