Rating System

Our rating system for judging the various materials submitted is based on our honest opinions and the accepted modes of American English. We rate books on a scale of DNF (Did Not Finish) to a near perfect rating of 5. We consider ratings of 3 or above to be positive reviews while ratings 2 and below are negative. Negative reviews qualify for Second Opinion Review. See Review Policy for more details.

If you want to see what books fall under a particular rating just click the award image.

Our 5 Star Rating means we believe this book is borderline perfect with the possibility of becoming a classic (only time will tell). The writing must be of the highest caliber and the story unforgettable to be considered for this award. With a work like this you are guaranteed to experience some heart-string pulling, gut-wrenching, and/or falling over yourself in public laughter. You will not want to put this book down. As a matter of fact if you see this book, buy two (one for you and one for a friend).

Our 4 Star Rating means we believe this book is great. The writing is of good quality, the story is riveting and/or contains good information. This kind of book is definitely worth reading but contains minuscule errors. If you see this book, buy it and pre-order the next one.

Our 3 Star Rating is our average rating. The writing is standard for the genre and the story is enjoyable. Works in this category generally have a few points that need improvement but they don't detract from the story. This also means that they do not exhibit features that put it above its competitors. We would recommend reading a excerpt before buying or checking it out of a library.

Our 2 Star Rating means we believe this book is below par and has very little to wow us. The writing usually has several errors and the story is stilted or extremely predictable. Materials in this category tend to have one or two redeeming characteristics but not much else. If you wish to read this book we recommend borrowing, swapping, or finding it in the dollar rack of your preferred book retailer.

Our 1 Star Rating means we believe this book is barely finished and contains so many errors as to render it almost unreadable. The writing usually has serious errors in spelling, grammar, and word usage. The story is not coherent and the characters are flat. With a work like this you are likely to experience disappointment and if you bought the book serious buyer's remorse. We recommend not buying this book but if you are still interested, try the thrift store or freebie rack at your book retailer.

Our DNF Rating or 0 Star Rating means we were unable to finish reading the material. This is possibly due to several factors such as the book was not to the taste of the reviewer, or the material was so flawed as to render it unreadable. Be sure to read the reviews as this rating has a wide range and there might very well be a book that has star quality.

Authors & Publishers please note that DNF ratings are not posted any where except on Flying Off The Shelves Reviews.

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