About Me

Beth Negri
(also known as Beth Sherrard-Maurin)

I am a woman in her mid-twenties who has had a love of books all her life. This all started with my Mom, you see, she is an avid reader who strongly values education. When I was a baby she would always read to me, even when I was in her womb. When I grew old enough and wanted to read when she wasn't around she taught me how, even though this was a while before I started school. She taught me the love of reading and learning which is truly the best gift she ever gave me.

So, because of her here we are. I have started writing book reviews. I write book reviews because it gives me time to reflect on what I have read and in a way extends my time with the book. I feel that if it is a good book at the end of the book you are a little sad its over because you just love the characters and learning about them. Books, when written well, can be just the friend you are looking for because they give us a little escapism (into a new world) and a new understanding of life (through the characters trials).

Hope you enjoy my reviews and the books they are inspired by.

Feel free to contact me on the contact page.

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Honorable Mentions

From the Acknowledgements of Dark Victory written by Michele Lang:
"In addition to all the usual writing suspects who know who they are, special thanks go to early readers Amy Lau, Beth Sherrard-Maurin, and Juliet Blackett, for their discerning eye and honesty."

From the Acknowledgements of Rebel Angels written by Michele Lang:
"Let me start by thanking Beth Negri, for reading the early drafts of this book, sharing her knowledge of witchcraft and mysticism, and being my beta reader extraordinaire."

Thank you to all that have acknowledged me!