Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Which Witch Is Which?

Which Witch Is Which?
By: Patricia Telesco
ISBN 1564147541 (9781564147547)

This book helps bring a lot of different paths into one place so you can get a preview of what is out there. It also makes you question if a coven is something you really want. What is great about this particular overview book is that it gives you the general ideas behind the different paths from people actually on those paths and also references so that you can continue to seek out information on your own.

What I happened to really adore about this book is that it isn't a traditional 101 book that puts spells in the hands of people who have no real idea what a spell is or what it can do. This one makes a person really look at what they believe not so they can have a label but more so they can continue to learn. The overviews in this give the history, current events, beliefs, and even some about the practices for the different paths. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that I would have loved more information but because it gives resources you can look it up yourself. This book is also invaluable because you get to hear about these paths from the horses mouth, these people live these paths and so the writing is really genuine.

Honestly, this book is great for anyone truly interested in Witchcraft, Paganism, or Wicca because it shows you just how different we all are from each other and well as our similarities. If you are going to read this book be prepared to have a notebook and pencil ready because you will end up taking notes. I know mine were a couple of pages long just on resources alone.

This book gets a five because it truly makes you think about where you are on your path rather than say here is a spell, and instant-witch you will be. Witchhood is work not something you can stare down your nose at and dabble in. I hope to see more books like this in the future (personally, I am sick of the 101 books).

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I'm not familiar with the Wiccan/Pagan community, but I can relate with wanting to be accurately represented. Nothing is more annoying then having people think that the way one person wrote things is how things are just because their book is more popular (Example: Vampires don't SPARKLE when in sunlight- they scream, burst into flames and turn into a pile of ashes). This seems to be the type of book I'd get into if I was thinking of going down this path too.
May 21, 2010 at 2:32 AM